There was drumming, Bollywood Dancing, calligraphy, cooking and Buddhist meditation as Blessed Trinity held an Inter-Faith Day.


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Inspired by Pope Francis encouraging everyone to create a “culture of encounter”, Years 7-9 came off timetable for one day and spent time learning about a variety of religions including Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism as well as Christianity.


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In Food Technology, the pupils followed instructions to make foods eaten at a Jewish Shabbat Meal including Challah Bread, while also being educated about the story behind it.

The Bollywood Dancing was hosted by Neetah Parekh from Lancashire County Council and that was embraced by all.

Year 8 Oliver O’Brien said: “We have learnt the art of Indian dancing, about the gestures, and also shown how to move different parts of your body. I can add it to my moves!”


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Pastor Mick, from the Church on the Street, came in with former Blessed Trinity pupil Connor Catlow and they talked to pupils about a life of addiction before they found God. In another session, Father David introduced pupils to Jesuit prayer, using their hands to reflect on their lives.


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Leader of Burnley Borough Council Afrasiab Anwar chatted to pupils about Burnley’s Building Bridges programme, a partnership of faith organisations who work together to achieve equality and justice. The Faith Friends from Building Bridges, who come into Blessed Trinity on a weekly basis to meet with students, also talked about their work.


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The drumming session in the chapel was popular, there was Buddhist meditation and the Sikh Education Service explored the five Ks.


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Meanwhile, pupils and staff from the Eco-Club at the school explored how looking after the environment is an important part of faith and how nature is used for religious symbolism.

In another workshop, Bob Turner of Cambodia Craft made links between the Pope’s teaching, COP 27 and Climate activism.


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Women from Humraaz, an organisation which offers advice, advocacy and refuge for women affected by violence, spoke about how faith affects their lives while Muslim staff and pupils led a session explaining the call to prayer and what we can all learn from the Five Pillars.


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Organiser Mrs Thompson said: “Inter-Faith Day was a fabulous celebration of some of the many different faiths in the UK and the impact faith has on our communities. Pupils have learned so much – and had a fun time doing so!”