Senior awards01 2022

Councillor Scott Cunliffe was the guest speaker at our Presentation of Awards.

Last year’s Year 11s came back to school to be presented with their awards from their five years at the school.

Cllr Cunliffe, who spent two decades working for charities in the United Nations, attended St Theodore’s, leaving in 1990.

He talked about how he ‘wasn’t the best student’ at school and went into an Apprenticeship at 16 to become a printer. Then he chased his dreams, working in Indonesia and travelling the world before returning to Burnley a few years ago.

“I went abroad to find peace but came back and found it where I belong in Burnley,” said Cllr Cunliffe, who is an ultra runner and keen Burnley FC fan.

“I encourage everyone to have adventures but also to keep in touch with family, friends, teachers. It’s what is in your heart not your pocket.”

The Attainment Award, for outstanding GCSE results, was awarded to Madeleine Storah while the Progress Award, for the pupil who made the most academic programme from Key Stage 2 onwards, was presented to Luca MacMahon.

The Contribution to Community Award was presented to Leoni Chapman who , during Covid, kept the Blessed Trinity community together, organising activities and learning braille.

The Contribution to College Life was presented to last year’s Head Boy Alfie Vent, praised for being approachable for both staff and pupils.

The Specialist College Sports Award went to Harley Lawton, a first year scholar at League One Accrington Stanley, while the Specialist College Humanities Award was awarded to Karolina Zych.

The Contribution to College Faith Life was presented to Olivia Phillips who was a senior prefect and helped to lead faith life at the school while the Endeavour Award went to Robbie Smedley, who was praised for overcoming struggles in his early years to be made Deputy Head Boy last year.

The Sporting Commitment Award went to James Firminger, who has made great strides in the men’s netball scene, being selected for England.

Leoni Chapman and Elizabeth Earnshaw both celebrated 100 per cent attendance from Years 7-11.

Deputy Head Dr Tuohy said: “These pupils deserve massive congratulations as they came through a very difficult period with Covid to gain outstanding GCSE grades.”