Oxford Boat august 2022

Six pupils visited Oxford University and delivered speeches on important subjects to them.

The event was organised by Nelson and Colne College and was called 'The Oxford Boat Race.'

Year 10 Sebastian said: "We had to write a 1,500 word dissertation on a subject and research it and then deliver it at Oxford University."

The subjects, from the Blessed Trinity pupils, ranged from: 'Are modern day beauty standards toxic?'; 'Is the British farming industry in crisis?'; 'Is love at first sight real?'; 'How literature impacts on society' and 'Does socialism work?'

Pupil Character Development teacher Miss Place said: “Six Year 10 pupils have been taking part in the Boat Race Challenge which is run by Nelson and Colne College.

“Throughout the year pupils attend a variety of sessions to develop research and presentation skills.

“They independently produced a research paper and presentation which they delivered at Queens College at Oxford University in June.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to see the prestigious university, tour the grounds and city, meet students of the university and deliver a presentation.

“It has been a superb achievement which aims to raise aspirations and develop character skills and attributes."