Aim Higher july 2022

220 Blessed Trinity pupils were celebrating Zero Behaviour Points for the whole school year.

Blessed Trinity welcomed around 160 pupils from 10 high schools to their 'Aiming Higher Study Conference.'

The aim was to explore some of the big questions and purpose at the heart of GCSE Religious Studies.

The hope was to raise pupils' aspirations, help them to see Religious Studies as a demanding academic subject worth studying at a higher level and spark personal reflection about their own beliefs and values.

Blessed Trinity's Associate Assistant Headteacher Mrs Thompson, who helped to organise the event said: "During the afternoon, pupils had the opportunity to question a distinguished panel of experts including Christian Pountain, Head of RE and Spirituality at St Christopher's Sixth Form, Kath Ansley, Formation Co-ordinator for Caritas, Father Mark Harold, parish priest and chaplain, Fareeha Fatima, Philosophy and RE lecturer at Burnley College and Zoe Simmins, a Jewish RE teacher."

Pupils said they found it 'highly thought provoking'; one said 'it taught me about different perspectives' while another said the fact the panel had different views made it 'much more interesting.'