Emily is determined to show nothing will stop her as she hopes to raise awareness of her visual impairment.

Year 8 Emily was registered blind after contracting meningitis age two weeks.

Brother Ryan and sister Jasmine are at Blessed Trinity and her big aim is to help her community understand her blindness and show it's not a limitation to her.

“I can see flashes of colours but that’s it really,” said Emily. “Nothing will stop me. I wanted to come to a mainstream school where my brother and sister are and I will try anything – sewing, judo, weights, the treadmill, everything.

“When I first came to school in Year 7 I made a presentation about being blind and what life is like for me. I just wanted everyone to understand what it’s like being blind and how they can help me.

“I talked about when people see me on the corridor don’t just say hello say hello and their name.

“I talked about the importance of walking on the left and also how I use my equipment, how I walk with my cane.

“My big aim is to walk to and from school with my sister and brother but I need to get used to the route first!”

Emily hosted a party at Blessed Trinity for the visually impaired in Lancashire over Christmas, with 20 children and their Teaching Assistants attending.

“I loved that. We played party games and Tesco and Marks and Spencer’s gave us food to make it a success.”

Emily, though, is more interested in getting thoroughly involved in school life and raising awareness.

“I am on the School Council to make sure the school is doing all it can to help people like me.

“I have also started a Braille Club for Year 8s and I'm hoping other pupils will enjoy learning braille. It’s brilliant that my friends want to.”

Emily’s Teaching Assistant Sally Harker has learnt braille so she help Emily even more.

“Emily is amazing, nothing will stop her, she will try anything and I admire her so much. She is good in every subject and is a pleasure to be with.”