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It is expected that, on average, pupils will study for 2 hours per night. However, leading up to coursework / examination deadlines this should be considerably longer.

The curriculum area has learning programmes that includes detail on the homework set.

Typically, homework is set using Classcharts, which is a web based system that can be accessed both at home and in school.

The school has a Homework Club for pupils who prefer to do homework in the learning centre / library, this has a range of resources including computers, printing facilities and reference materials.


Homework Timetables

Year 7 Homework

Year 8 Homework

Year 9 Homework

Year 10 Homework

Year 11 Homework


Homework Timetables (Downloadable PDFs)

Year 7 Homework Timetable PDF

Year 8 Homework Timetable PDF

Year 9 Homework Timetable PDF

Year 10 Homework Timetable PDF

Year 11 Homework Timetable PDF