Our Extra-Curricular Clubs are a huge success offering a wide variety of activities from Chess Club to Trinity Dance.

There is something for every pupil with the Book Clubs for each year group, held in the library, proving popular.

There are a variety of sports clubs, a String Club, Chapel Club, Coding Club, Modern Foreign Languages Club, Keyboard Club, Young Enterprise, Faith Friends, Urdu, Film Club, History Club, Music Group, Vocal Group and more.

Go to our Extra Curricular webpage to check out what's on.



Here are what some Year 7 pupils had to say about Chess Club.

Dawud said: "It makes you think and it also helps me clear my mind if something is causing me stress."

Alex said: "It's really fun, I like games. I also go to the library as well for clubs."

Adam said: "I like it as it's relaxing and I also get to eat my dinner while I play! I also do Basketball and Graphics Club."

Evie added: "I like playing games against other people. I also enjoy football, gym and crochet - a variety of activities!"

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