Student Notice Header Yr9





The course will include a range of areas and approaches in Photography. For example;
portraiture, location photography, studio photography, experimental imagery, documentary
photography, photo-journalism and fashion photography.

Throughout the course, pupils will learn about a variety of photographic media, techniques and
processes. They will also use computers for Photoshop and Digital Media, utilising these
techniques and equipment, to make brilliant images. Sketchpads and workbooks will
demonstrate all practical learning, ideas development and critical analysis.

Pupils will study the work of artists and photographers from various periods and cultures and
will demonstrate how their work has been influenced or inspired by such studies. The pupils
will annotate their work and ideas by adding their thoughts and feelings about their
photographs. In addition, they will analyse and evaluate their projects.

Pupils will be using a SLR digital camera to ensure they have the best quality photographs.
Although there is no formal requirement to have studied Photography before embarking on a
GCSE course, it helps to have an interest in the subject. (Pupils will not be required to
purchase their own camera).

Homework allows for the practice of skills and development of original ideas. This should be
an enjoyable part of the course. A minimum of two hours Art homework per week is essential
in order to complete all course work and gain access to the higher grades.