Science Curriculum Intent

Science teaching at Blessed Trinity RC College aims to give all pupils a strong understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge.  We endeavour to inspire scientifically literate, confident and curious problem solvers for the future.

Science Statement

Science is delivered in three distinct disciplines:


The science of living organisms and their interactions with each other and the environment. 


The science of composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter understood in terms of atoms, atomic particles and how they link together.


The science of the fundamental concepts of field, force, radiation and particle structures, which are interlinked to form unified models of behaviour of the material universe.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview for Science (Revised for COVID-19)

The curriculum overview provides a high level guide to the subject matter taught, this also links to the detailed subject learning plan for each year group.

Click anywhere on the overview to see the more detailed learning plan.


The Science Team:

Mrs H. Hacking (Curriculum Leader)

Mr G. Rothwell  (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Mrs L. Wolstenholme (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

Mrs J. Tuohy (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr D. Cliff

Mrs E. Witts

Mr P. Entwistle

Mr M. Mahmood

Mr R Rhodes

Mrs A. Smith

Mrs A. Townson

Ms D. Jenkinson