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Blessed Trinity has a well-stocked library which provides essential resources for learning and revision.

We now have a selection of eBooks and Audiobooks available for pupils and staff to borrow from the Library. These online books can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. You will need to login to your Library account for this.


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8.00am – 4.00pm   Monday to Thursday

8.00am – 3.30pm   Friday

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Overdue/Damaged Items

We do not charge fines for overdue items. However, as books and other resources are expensive to replace, we will invoice parents for the replacement cost of any items which are not returned within a reasonable time, or which have been lost or damaged.

Please check at home for any Library items and return them as soon as possible to avoid any charges.



Useful Library Information

Borrowing information

Years 7 to 9 can borrow up to 3 books at any one time.

Years 10 & 11 may borrow up to 5 books by arrangement.

All books must be issued by, and returned to, the Librarian. Please do not just leave them on the counter!

The standard loan period for each book is 2 weeks from the date of issue.  The book will be stamped to show the latest date it should be returned to the Library.  Books can always be returned before the due date if you have finished reading them and want to choose another.

However, if you have not finished reading a book by the due date, it can be renewed and the loan period will be extended for a further 2 weeks.  Please bring your book back to the Library for re-stamping.

If you want a book that is on loan to someone else, it can be reserved for you. You will receive a note via your form tutor as soon as the book becomes available.

Young Adult fiction books will not be issued to Year 7 or Year 8 pupils without written authorisation from a parent.


How to Find and Choose Books

Fiction Books

Fiction books are story books.

They are arranged on the Library shelves in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name.  They have the first three letters of the author’s surname on their spine labels:

Example:     Anthony Horowitz   =  HOR

                  Jacqueline Wilson    =  WIL

There is also a coloured sticker on the spine to show what sort of story it is - adventure, thriller, humour - the Colour Code wall chart in the Library lists all the different genres.

There are some age restricted books, usually identified with a ‘Young Adult’ sticker, and these will require prior written authorisation from a parent before issue to anyone below the age guideline.

Non-fiction Books

Non-fiction books are information books.

In common with most libraries, our non-fiction books are shelved in numerical order according to the Dewey Decimal System.

Each book has a Dewey number and will have this number on the spine label. Books are grouped in subjects:

000s – General Subjects

100s - Philosophy

200s – Religion

300s – Social Sciences

400s - Language

500s – Science

600s - Technology

700s – The Arts

900s - Literature

900s – Geography, History & Biography

The Decoder chart, the How to Find a Book chart on the Library wall or the computer catalogue are useful guides to the Dewey number and location of each subject/topic/book.


Reference books

Reference books, including encyclopaedias, dictionaries and atlases, are also available for use. These items are shelved in a separate section in number order according to the Dewey Decimal Classification and should remain in the Library at all times.


Careers information

There is also a separate section containing careers advice books. There are books to help in choosing GCSE and A Level subjects and information on applying for an Apprenticeship or University place.

Additionally, there are books relating to study skills, job information and applications and personal development.


How to Search the Library Catalogue

The Library catalogue can be accessed using the shortcut on the School Intranet site

You can search the catalogue by using the Picture, A—Z, Views or Advanced ‘Search’ icons.

All the relevant books held in the Library will be listed.

Highlight your chosen book and you will be able to see a picture of the front cover, read a summary of the book and check its availability.

The Class will tell you where to look on the Library shelves.

              Remember!       Letters = Fiction

              Numbers = Non-fiction

The ‘What Have Other People Read?’ section may help you to find other books which may interest you.

You can also log in to your own Library account where you can check your past and current loans, reserve books and see your own ‘What Next’ reading recommendations based on the books you have already read.  Please ask Mrs Halstead for further details and for your username and password.


Accelerated Reader

All our Accelerated Reader books can be easily identified by the blue AR label at the top of the spine.

These books have a sticker inside the cover showing the interest level (MY – Middle Years, UY – Upper Years), the book level, points and quiz number for the book.

You can search the Accelerated Reader Booklist for books by interest level, subject or book level.


Accelerated Reader Booklist

The Blessed Trinity Accelerated Reader Booklist can be accessed from either from home or school at:

Please enter the Keycode: ZW631574

In school please use the College Intranet where you will find shortcut buttons to access the following resources:

  • Blessed Trinity Library Catalogue
  • Accelerated Reader
  • AR Bookfinder

If you need help using Accelerated Reader, please contact Mrs Arcangelo.