Work Exp august 2022

Year 10 pupils got to sample work experience for the first time in three years after Covid – and they won stunning praise from their employers.

The pupils organised the week’s work experience themselves as they got out into the community and sampled working life for the first time.

Nicole spent time at James Killilea & Co Limited. She said: “There was a lot of maths-related work with accountancy and I also carried out general administrative work. It was a really good experience.”
Nicole’s employer said: “During her week with us Nicole worked with many different people and they all found her to be intelligent, friendly and extremely conscientious. She presented herself very well, was punctual and enthusiastic. Nicole will be an asset to any employer in the future.”

Nathan worked as a Library Assistant at Burnley Library.
“I want to study English so what better place to go than to be surrounded by books? It was a lot busier than I expected and there were some quite difficult tasks, running around the library to find books!”
Nathan’s employer said: “Nathan was spectacular while on his placement at Burnley Library, he was a very quick learner and eager to use his new skills independently. We would absolutely welcome Nathan back at any time in the future either as a volunteer or a member of staff.”

Logan plays for Burnley FC’s Under 16s and he spent his time at Burnley FC’s Academy.
Logan said: “I was training some days and coaching others. Coaching is something I might go into.”
A Burnley FC Academy spokesperson said: “Logan was fantastic. He was punctual, polite and showed a good work ethic. He completed all the tasks asked of him and has experienced a range of roles including helping with the U18s training sessions, creating education resources, assisting our coaches with U10s sessions, shadowing our physio team and helping our academy kitman. Logan has been a credit to his school.”

Izra went to Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre for a week. “I did a lot of administrative tasks and helped with customer service."
Her employer said: “It was an absolute pleasure to have Izra with us. She used her initiative and just got on with anything asked of her with a smile and minimum of fuss. She had a great relationship with other students from other schools and a great sense of humour.”

Melissa was at Giant Leap Childcare and had a positive experience.
“It was great fun, carrying out the activities. There was a schedule which included food and sleeping at certain times as well as activities and I was with Years 1 and 2. I learnt you must have patience! I really enjoyed it.”
Giant Leaf Childcare said: “Melissa has really stood out against many students we have had over the years. She excelled in all areas and would be a real credit to any workplace. Melissa’s initiative and communication are extremely mature for a young girl and we hope that we would see her again for an apprenticeship in the future.”

Yusuf spent his time at East Lancashire Moneyline.
He said: “I got a taste of everything while I was there and I used my graphic design skills to design a poster and also learnt about transferring data to spreadsheets.”
His employer said: “Yusuf demonstrated his creative talents which he used to good effect. One piece of work which he designed ended up on the staff website.”

Blessed Trinity Careers Leader Mrs Hart said: “We feel that work experience is an important part of our school careers programme. It offers pupils a taster of the working world and allows them to build keep employability skills which will hugely benefit them in the future.”