Blessed Trinity's School Council is determined to make a difference in and out of school.

The School Council comprises of pupils from Year 7-11, with at least two representatives from each year group.

Their aims are to come up with ideas to help improve the running of the school while also looking at issues such as the environment and making the school greener.

Head Girl Beth said: “The head boy and girl and deputies chair the meeting, making sure everyone has their turn to speak and put their ideas across. It’s about improving the school and getting suggestions from pupils about what they think will help them and then we can feed them back to the teachers.”

Sebastian added: “I represent the Year 10s and I got into the role because I felt it was important to have a voice, especially in these uncertain times.

“It’s important for every year group to have their say and get involved so we can make essential changes to school life which will help everyone.”

Deputy Head Girl Olivia said: “The ideas can range from the environment to mental health and we look at ways we can implement them in school.”

Thomas said: “We are all looking at what we can do to improve the school and I take ideas from my year group into the meetings which we have once every term.”