The new-look library is fast proving to be the hub of Blessed Trinity life.

Mrs Archangelo has taken over as the librarian and has introduced a number of ideas to get pupils reading more.

“We have Book Clubs for all year groups where they choose a book, all read it and discuss it and it’s proving popular,” she said.




“We also have Pupil Librarians where they replenish the shelves, learn how the library works and keep it tidy. This ties in with their Duke of Edinburgh so it’s all positive.

“They are a big help to the running of the library and everyone is excited when we get new books in!




“We also have a Book Bank where books are donated and people can just come and take them. That is also popular.

“Year 7 pupils also have a library lesson once a fortnight where they can exchange books. We encourage the Accelerated Reader programme as well.

"It's great as the library is becoming the hub of the school.”