Stephanie has been so impressed with school she wants to go back – as a teacher.

She achieved four 9s and two 8s among her 10 subjects – including a 9 in English Language and Literature.

Stephanie hopes to take Combined English, RE and maths at Thomas Whitham.

“I want to be a teacher either at a secondary school or college,” said Stephanie. “I have considered an RE teacher as I am a catholic and I think it’s important to educate others about the importance of all religions.” 






Referee Jude is determined not to show a red card to his dream career of a solicitor.

Jude celebrated a 9 in history along with two 8s, two 7s and three 6s in his GCSEs.

Jude referees up to Level Seven, junior football games, but he wants to go into business law.

“Refereeing is hard, it can be a bit intimidating but you just get on with it,” said Jude.

“I want to go to St Christopher’s to study English Language, Business, Law and French as I want to be a solicitor.”




James achieved a 9 in maths and 8s in chemistry and physics,

Megan also celebrated Grade 9 in English Literature as did Stanley Grewal.

Charlotte achieved a 9 in history, Alex celebrated a 9 in physics while Emily chalked up Grade 9 in English Literature as did Leoni.




Kerry knew what she wanted to be from a young age – and has never changed her mind.

“I have always wanted to be a vet,” said the Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic student. “I have two cats and have always loved

animals. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a vet and have never changed my mind.”

Kerry got two 9s in Religious Studies and Spanish and five 8s among her results.

Kerry volunteers every weekend near Crown Point where she helps disabled children ride horses.

“I want to go to St Christopher’s Sixth Form and study biology, chemistry, Spanish and combined English.”




Aisha also celebrated two 9s – in Religious Studies and history and she is considering a career in criminal psychology.

Aishah will study biology, law, psychology and history at Burnley College.

“It’s either criminal psychology or I may go into public services,” said Aishah.




Daud also got two nines, in maths and physics, and will go onto Burnley College to study maths and further maths.

“I am looking into engineering,” said Daud.




Francesca has excelled at music at Blessed Trinity as she plays violin to Grade Four Level and also the piano.

Francesca achieved a 9, three 8s and six 7s in her results.

She plans to study history, maths and English Literature at Burnley College.