Singer and songwriter Sion Hill came to Blessed Trinity to help to highlight on-line safety.

Sion is from Ireland and is a growing reputation in the music industry. He came to Blessed Trinity to sing a number of his songs but also give advice on how to stay safe on line as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help.

“I want to inspire students and encourage them to follow their dreams,” said Sion, 23.

“I have a little sister who is 15 and she clicks on instagram and sees all these photographs of beautiful people and tells me she will never be that beautiful and that’s hard."

“I want to help to instil beliefs into students and help them with their confidence. It’s about not letting people get you down and to believe you can achieve your dreams.”

PSHE co-ordinator Ms Lanney who, along with Ms Loney, organised the event said: "Sion had a great day with the pupils in Key Stage 3, making a lot of students think about how safe they are online. They enjoyed his music and he was bombarded with questions at the end of the session, about both music and e-safety."