Two Blessed Trinity students rescued a lady and a dog from the threat of charging bulls at Hurstwood.

Sam and Reece heard Alison Pickering’s cries for help around 7pm one night near the church and came to her aid.

“I had cycled down to Reece’s house at Hurstwood but I had a puncture, we were fixing it when we both heard shouts of ‘help’,” said Sam, 12.

“We looked over a wall and could see a lady in a field with her small terrier dog with a fence covering her and some bulls, cows and their calves stood in a line, looking ready to charge at her if she moved.

“The wall was about 6ft high but she managed to pass the dog over to us and then we helped her scramble over the wall.

“She was really shaken up and said she feared for the safety of herself and her dog.”

Alison took the name of the students and the next day turned up at reception at Blessed Trinity with a box of ‘Heroes’ for both boys.

“We felt quite heroic as she said she feared for her life,” added Sam, who wants to go into the army when he leaves school.