Alyssa passed her Brown Belt in Kickboxing – with a broken bone in her foot!

The Blessed Trinity student went through a punishing three hours and 30 minute grading without realising she had a serious injury.

“I had landed funny a few days before but not really thought too much about it although it did swell up a bit,” said Alyssa, 14, who is a member of Dragons Kickboxing Club on Accrington Road.

“I had been training for around 18 months for my Brown Belt, since I passed my Purple Belt.

“Then I had my grading, which involved a lot of kicks and jumps and it did hurt and it was three and a half hours without a rest but I was determined.

“I was so relieved when I passed.

“I went running with the school around Queens Park the day after and it swelled up so I went to hospital and they diagnosed a broken bone in my foot.



“I couldn’t believe it and now it’s in a cast and I am on crutches.”

Thankfully Alyssa has four years to recover for her Black Belt as you can only take the grading for that aged 18