The Young Enterprise team at Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College have produced an illustrated book for youngsters warning about the dangers of fire.

The eight students came up with the idea after a fire alarm went off at school during one of their sessions and Year 10 pupil Alice Watson wrote the story.

"It's a tale about a boy called Harry who accidentally sets fire to his house while cooking and what happened after," said Alice. "It's aimed at primary school children aged around four and it's just a simple story about the hazards of fires and what to do if fire does break out."

Teacher Ms Clegg illustrated the book and then the group sent it off for printing, ordering 100 copies which have already sold out with more on the way. "I was so excited to see it and my family are really proud to see my work in a book," said Alice. The book is available priced £3.99 from Blessed Trinity RCC.

The Young Enterprise team also have a selling day in February at the Trafford Centre and are also hoping to get a place in the Teenage Market in Burnley when it starts soon.