Blessed Trinity pupils are millionaires – at least in words!

Seven pupils have now entered multi-millionaire status – in word count – on the Accelerated Reader Programme.

Connor Baker has read a staggering five million words whereas  Emma Sidall has ticked off more than one and a half million.

“Pupils are enjoying reading books which are organised within our school library,” said Religious Education teacher Laura Murray.

“Pupils are then quizzed on their books to see that they have understood the book.  Each pupil has been given a prize and certificate for being in the multi-millionaire readers.”


Front row:

Connor       - 5,648,155 words read

Benjamin  - 1,011,820 words read


Back row:

Emma       - 1,555,944 words read

Rafella      - 1,482,509 words read

Safa           - 1,087,876 words read

Lillie           - 1,084,961 words read

Faye          - 1,000,867 words read