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Cafe Trinita

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Cafe Trinita is on the middle floor of the building, this is used by Year 11 students at break time and students after school.



The cafe serves hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, filled rolls and other uncooked foods.


Main Dining Hall / Canteen



The main dining hall is on the lower floor of the building and has a fully equipped kitchen and a large seating area.

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Hot Meals

Meals and drinks are available as well as filled baked potatoes and pasta options.



Smart foods Pasta Pots


16oz pasta pot filled with fresh hot pasta and topped with pasta sauce (margarita, pepperoni, tikka, etc.) or just cheese.

Pepperoni- a rich tomato sauce with pepperoni, garlic and oregano

Chicken tikka – an Indian inspired spicy sauce with chicken

Margareta – a creamy tomato sauce with mascarpone cheese and basil


Cold Counter and Love Joes

The cold counter serves cold drinks, sandwiches, filled rolls, fruit and other uncooked foods.

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Love Joes


An additional food counter next to the cold counter sells a range of chicken wraps, burgers and burritos.

Love Joes marinated chicken wraps, burritos and chicken thigh burgers.

A premium product, a mix of thigh and breast that’s hand trimmed and sliced to 10-12mm

All chicken halal and red tractor assured

Chicken wraps served in a holder.

Tortilla wrap filled with lettuce, marinated chicken and topped with a sauce of your choice.

Burrito, wrap filled with flavored chicken and rice.

Brioche bun filled using top quality Red Tractor Chicken.  Tender, juicy and tasty, our skinless, boneless whole thigh fillets are a foodie favorite. At 100-120g, they are perfect in a burger.


 Wrap05   Wrap01   Wrap02



Red Tractor Certified

As demand for British red tractor products continues to rise and with provenance becoming more important. The Red Tractor logo allows people to recognise food that has been produced to high standards across the whole length of the food chain: from farm to packet

Click the logos below to see the certification certificates

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catering love joes certsm


Important Allergen Information

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