Blessed Trinity's Year 8/9s are proving top code crackers!

There are four teams in school who are through to the fourth round of the University of Manchester’s Alan Turing Cryptography Competition.

"The students have had to be incredibly determined each week to crack the code, including using knowledge of Morse Code and Pascal’s Triangle which is outside the school's curriculum," said Maths teacher Ms Boyce.

"They are looking forward to the next codes which are increasing in challenge each week.

"We hope to complete the competition and visit the University of Manchester for a live code breaking event in April. This is the first year we have competed against 1000 other teams across the UK and we hope to compete every year now."

"It makes you think a lot," said Year Eight student Nimra. "We get the codes to solve on our iPads and sometimes they can take an hour to crack or, if they are tricky, it can take a lot longer. You really have to think out of the box."