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The Parent, Teachers and Friends Association draw results for 2017


There are numbers available if anyone would like to join the monthly draw?

It is only £2 a month and you can win £100 every month (plus smaller amounts).

Numbers available through reception.



MAY 2017

1st   £100  No 292  Mrs H Duffy
2nd  £50  No 76  Ms E Sheehan
3rd  £25  No 87  Mrs N Watson
4th  £15  No 110  Ms N Maguire
5th  £10  No 56  Mr P Hatfield

APRIL 2017

1st   £100  No 228  Mrs T Sunter-Storey
2nd  £50  No 51  Mrs J A Slater
3rd  £25  No 128  Mrs M Sweeney
4th  £15  No 80  Ms B Watson
5th  £10  No 242  Mrs Donnelly

MARCH 2017

1st   £100  No 152  Ms K Gowers
2nd  £50  No 256  Mrs C Pye
3rd  £25  No 101  Mr B Layzell
4th  £15  No 294  Mrs L Slater
5th  £10  No 278  Miss A Hilton


1st   £100  No 1  Miss A Swan
2nd  £50  No 155  Ms G Musk
3rd  £25  No 33   Mrs J Pearce
4th  £15  No 104  Mrs L Shutt
5th  £10  No 42   Mr J Livesey


1st   £100  No 149  Mrs A Mangham
2nd  £50  No 292  Mrs H Duffy
3rd  £25  No 120  Mrs J Cowgill
4th  £15  No 261  Mrs L Townley
5th  £10  No 63  Mrs N Yorke-Robinson