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We are writing to you with information about your child’s Year 10 GCSE Mock examinations, which are scheduled to take place this half term. We know that you will encourage your son/daughter to take these examinations seriously as they are important milestone for two key reasons.

Firstly, the Summer term of Year 10 marks the half way point in most GCSE and vocational courses and is an ideal time to assess pupils carefully to diagnose where their strengths and weaknesses lie, so that staff can work with pupils to support and develop their knowledge and understanding in Year 11.

Secondly, it provides pupils with a first taste of preparing for a number of assessments over a relatively short space of time and so helps them to learn lessons about what works well and what is less effective in coping with this challenge.

Teachers are on hand to give their support too. Over the next fortnight, your son/daughter will be given revision lists from each subject area and teachers will use lesson time to guide their revision and review key topics and skills.


The timetable for assessments is given below:

Y10Mock Exams 06 2021


We wish all pupils every success in the mock examination week and will be reporting their results to you before the end of term. Please get in touch if you have any concerns about this, or any other aspect of your child’s progress at the moment.


Yours sincerely

Mrs M Geoghegan
Assistant Headteacher


Ms R Stevens
Assistant Headteacher


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