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7 May 2020

Dear Parents

In order to support families who are struggling with the stresses and difficulties of lockdown and the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on our lives, we have gathered together information and resources that you might find useful. Counselling and Resources Firstly, attached are a number of links to a variety of online and telephone support and resources. These range from national helplines and online counselling services to more local links with general and specific resources for wellbeing.


Stress and Anxiety

It is unsurprising at this time of uncertainty that some people are experiencing stress and anxiety. Weekly wellbeing tips are posted on Show My Homework. Many parents participate already, but we would encourage everyone to have a look. Also included are attachments dealing with this subject.

When You Feel Anxious is a child friendly, one-page prompt sheet, whilst the Corona Presentation is a useful informative document, aimed at children and setting out the facts around the coronavirus pandemic and strategies to keep safe and well in a reassuring way. Similarly, in Coronvirus Advice the National Youth Agency have presented guidance on everything from financial advice to stress management. Finally, the Anxiety Workbook, whilst aimed at our youngest children, contains strategies and advice that could be of benefit to any age group. Additionally, we have links to some useful resources below:


Bereavement and Loss

There are various websites which have sections directly supporting young people and families with Covid-19 related losses. These are listed below. The Winston’s Wish and Young Minds websites are particularly good for young people to access themselves as they are tailored for them directly. The others offer advice to help families support themselves and their children.


Finally, please be aware that any pupil who has worked with our school counsellor, Clare, is welcome
to contact her directly through her school email address in order to request online or telephone
support. It is important to emphasise that this is open to pupils who have worked with the
counsellor in the past as well as more recently. The only stipulation is that they contact her using
their own school email address.

If they need a reminder of their own email address, they can request
this from their Year Leaders via Show My Homework. Clare’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours sincerely

Richard Varey

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