BT1 Bus Service to be cancelled




Blessed Trinity Head Teacher Mr Varey is furious as the school’s bus from Todmorden, Service BT1, will be cancelled by Calderdale Council from April next year.

The bus, which brings around 30 students to school, will be cancelled due to 'funding issues,’ the school hearing about the cancellation initially from a parent.

They have since been sent an email by Education Transport Manager Steve Wainwright saying there is a consultation period, which ends this Friday (18th October)

Head teacher Mr Varey said: “I have been in touch with the Diocese and will be speaking to Todmorden MP Craig Whittaker.

“Students rely on this bus to get to Blessed Trinity from Todmorden and home again and to cancel it is not good enough.

"It's a special service for our school and Calderdale Council have said it's a funding issue and students should now use the normal service bus but this drops them off a distance from the school. 

"Also how do we know there will be room for all of them on the bus? It could lead to them leaving Blessed Trinity, which is disappointing for everyone.”

Education Transport Manager Steve Wainwright sent an email to the Head Teachers of primary schools and Blessed Trinity affected by the cancellation.

It said: “The Combined Authority organises a number of school bus services on behalf of Calderdale Council. These services were first introduced to meet the needs of children who qualified for free travel under Calderdale Council’s Home to School Transport Policy and they are, therefore, funded by the Council.

“This includes Service BT1, which is provided for students who live in Calderdale and attend Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College.

“As a result of Policy changes, the number of Calderdale children attending Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College and who qualify for free travel has reduced over the last few years. The number of children who qualify in the 2019/20 academic year is seven.

“Calderdale Council are, therefore, proposing to withdraw funding for Service BT1 with effect from Friday 3 April 2020 and to issue First Passes to those children who do qualify for free travel for use on Service 589, which is suitably timed and has sufficient capacity to accommodate all the children who use Service BT1, including the 21 fare payers.

“However, before making a final decision in this matter, Calderdale Council is giving parents and other interested parties an opportunity to comment on the proposal. The engagement period will run from Monday 7 to Friday 18 October 2019. Parents and other interested parties will be notified about the outcome of the engagement by Monday 28 October 2019.”

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